Introduction: Surgical Face Mask

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Instructions for surgical face mask.


***Supplies Needed***

-LINK to Buy Pattern:

-LINK to Fabric:

-LINK to Braided Elastic:

-LINK to Coated Wire Tie:

-LINK to Bias tape folder kit:

-LINK to Bias Tape:

-LINK to Industrial Bias Tape Attachment:

Step 1: Pictures of Supplies

Step 2: Trace Pattern and Cut

-Trace pattern on to fabric. Make sure you are tracking on the recommended seam allowance line.

-Mark the horizontal lines.

-Connect lines.

Step 3: Folding Example

-This pattern is folded into pleats

-You want to fold and touch the lines by color. If you did not print in color. Fold and touch the lines with dashes between them.

-This will be done on the fabric panel cut out in the previous step. Pictures of pattern above is a visual guide.

Step 4: Fold Pattern

-Fold the first pleat on the fabric and sew on the dashed line. This will be the center of the fold on the wrong side of the fabric.

-Sew as close as you can to the edge.

Step 5: Repeat Previous Step

-Repeat the previous step for the other two fold lines.

-Sew on the dashed lines on the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 6: Fold Pleats

-Fold the Pleats flat and tack stitch as close as you can to the edge. This will secure the pleats down.

Step 7: Iron

-Iron the pleats.

Step 8: Add Elastic

-Cut 2 12 inch pieces of elastic.

-Place .25 inches away from top and bottom edges.

-Tack stitch into position.

Step 9: Add Bias Tape

-Add bias tape to the sides first.

-You can use already made bias tape or make your own.

Step 10: Add Bias Tape + Nose Adjustment

-Add the bias tape to the top and bottom edges.

-Place the nose adjustment in the center of the top edge. Sew over the nose adjustment with the bias tape.

-You can use a twist tie for the nose adjustment. You just need bendable metal that will hold its postilion and adjust to your nose.

Step 11: Making Bias Tape

-Use a bias tape making kit to match your face mask fabric.

-Pick the size folder.

-Cut bias tape strips to the size of folder.

-Pull bias tape strip though folder and iron as it comes out the other end.

-When completed you can add the bias tape in the same order as the previous steps.

Step 12: Finished!

-Tack stitch corners to prevent the bias tape from dethreading and your face mask is complete!

Step 13: Video Instructions

Step 14: