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Introduction: Survival Spear

Hello Everybody

Here is my way of building a Survival Spear that will be able to fend off a bear, wolf, zombie, etc.

For this Inscrutable you will need...

1. Lots of string.

2. A fishing hook (Fishing, optional).

3. Some wood.

4. A hollow tube about 2 cm in diameter and 1-2 mm thick (I used a broken broom handle).

5. A ring that will slide down the tube.

6. Thick rubber band (Fishing, optional).

7. Fishing line (Fishing, optional).

8. Metal Blade (Spear, optional).

9. Popsicle Sticks (Spear optional).

10. Duct tape

11. Assortment of items that can slide inside tube

12. Assortment of materials needed in a survival situation

You will only need a drill to make this instructable but I recommend a hammer and pliers.

Step 1: Attaching the Hook

This part is optional but, I would recommend doing it because it will at the very least give you another resource when you are out there.

Fist thing is to tie the line in a hole going all the way through the tube. If you don't have one drill one.

then take as much line as you want and wrap it around the shaft.

-For people who drilled holes, wrap duct tape around/under your hole before wrapping the line because, it could slip off-

then attach the hook to the line.

Now put the rubber band between the hole and the line and cover the hook.

Step 2: Making the Lift

Slip the ring onto your tube then duct tape the top (and bottom if you didn't do the fishing part).

Then carefully drill a small hole through one side of your tube just under the duct tape.

You are then going to thread a string through the hole you made.

Now you attach the string to the ring.

Then attach the string to something that will fit inside it loosely.

-The string shouldn't be too long or you will get jams inside the tube-

Step 3: Adding Some Supplies

Now you can attach items to the lift, so that when you drop the lift in the tube the items will follow, and when you pull the ring down the items will slide out of the tube.

I added basic survival resources string, matches, fishing line, wire, etc

-This compartment is not a good place to store food or water-

Step 4: Capping the Top

Take your wood it can be anything really. I used a clothes rack pin, which I had to whittle down because it was too big.

Drill a hole entirely through the wood.

Then take string and wrap the wood enough to make a solid seal.

- I placed rubber bands on the wood before wrapping the string, It makes a great seal-

Step 5: Inserting the Spear

Now If you want to add a spear then take you wood and drill a hole slightly smaller than your metal blade.

-I used a blade from a pair of scissor-

Then you jam the bottom edge of your blade in the hole, so that it fit tightly.

-I used pliers and a hammer-

Then dissect some Popsicle sticks and shove them into the hole around your blade until there isn't any room left.

-You can use sting to help fill in the gaps if any problems occur-

Step 6: Adding Some Extras

Now that mostly everything is done its time to make your spear look awesome

1) To make the nails stick out of your wood like I did you need to...

Drill another hole above the end of your stopper.

Stick the nails flat end first into the hole until they are about halfway touching each other.

Hammer 2 additional nails into the hole underneath the nail that is sticking out to stop it from moving.

-This addition should stop a creature if it slides down your shaft (I know my wood and spear arrangement wont allow this to work for me). It will also allow you to wield your Spear/Staff as a mace puncturing whatever it lands on.-

2) To make the charm you will need to...

Thread a string through the first hole you made in the wood.

Take 2 nails and string them together so their flat end lie against each other(do this step twice).

Tie the first double nail to the string (make sure it lies horizontally).

Add a bead, charm, compass, etc to the string

Tie the second double nail to the string (make sure it lies horizontally).

(optional) insert a feather through the strings or the second double nail, your charm, and the first double nail (make sure to use some string to secure it).

-This doesn't really have a purpose it just looks cool-

Thank you for viewing my instructable and Happy Hunting/Hiking

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    7 years ago

    Nice!!! I'll try it out some time


    7 years ago

    Please note that in every situation I tested on my spear it has endured even in head on collisions it has stopped the object I was using ( pillow, block of wood, etc) I know that mounting a spearhead instead of a random blade is much better but I am part of a group of users who cannot afford professionally made spearheads or the machinery needed to make such a spearhead, and also please note that in an actual situation such as a zombie apocalypse Amazon wouldn't be able to deliver a spearhead. I would lastly like to point out that making a weapon from primary material is an exceptionally good idea but stating the obvious isn't such a good idea.(I apologize for any mistakes I wasn't able to view what I was writing)


    7 years ago

    I bend broom handles just sweeping, i can't imagine one holding up to stopping a charging predator of some sort. Maybe a steel pipe? And if you're going out of your way to make a spear before a survival situation, you should get an actual spear blade, SOG sells a good one. And i recommend adding a steel crosspiece (welded) about 8 inches from the spear blade, that way if you get charged and use the spear, it'll stop them.


    7 years ago

    You just need to bring it with you when the chances of being lost are high.