Introduction: Survival And/or Safekeeping Bag

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Here you can preserve all of your things to help you survive in the wild. This is my first intractable, so be nice.

Step 1: Find a Container.... or Bag

I used a bag that had rope straps. I would recommend using a bag because it is not so bulky. And it feels good. :-) the logo was from a pre-kindergarden school. But they were handing out free bags. I got one because who wouldn't want a free bag.

Step 2: Go Find Stuff.

I would suggest to look for items that will help you on a deserted island. I will list some helpful items in the following steps...

Step 3: Flashlight

Make sure it has batteries!!! it will help you explore at night.

Step 4: Scissors

If you are not allowed to possess knifes like me, you will need very sharp scissors. If you will be on a plane, do not bring a knife. Bring scissors. If you dont have sharp scissors, go to the next step.

Step 5: X-acto Knife

You can also use an X-acto knife for a replacement of scissors. In fact, bring both. They will help with cutting things.

Step 6: Whistle.

When you see a ship, you want to get it's attention. Whistles are loud, and if you are with friends, give them whistles and blow together. That will be extra loud. Yikes!

Step 7: Mirror

This can start a fire when the sun is up. Angle the mirror to the sun just right, and you will get fire!

Step 8: Horse Figurines.

They can be used for alot of things. Boredom killers, fire burners, and much more!

Step 9: More Noise Makers

These can be used for dogs and noise makers for ships and all that stuff.


Just what the title says.

Step 11: Can Tab Bracelet

If you watch Grant Thompson on Youtube. You can turn them into fishing hooks

Step 12: Markers.

Markers can be used for many things. For example, tallying up the days you have been stranded, or throwing it in the fire.

Step 13: Yarn

Yarn is like rope. that is good.

Step 14: A Good Plushie

This is your Wilson from Castaway. you will get lonely. I promise.

Step 15: Ugly Stuffed Animal

This is what you can burn. Or write a note on in sharpie and send it on a wood plank.

Step 16: Scarf

Kind of like yarn and rope.

Step 17: Paracord

Your rope. But sturdier.

Step 18: A Carrier.

You can carry all the small things in here. I know that its a pineapple. Dont judge.

Step 19: Extra Clothes.

I tried to pack cloths that were my moms or too small. The small ones are for burning and the large ones are for wearing. Who knows how long you will be out there.

Step 20: Put Stuff Listed in Bag.

It is as simple as that!!
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