Introduction: Sustainability Sculpture

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Here we are playing in fusion 360 for a sculpture idea. Using fusion 360 as a way to see our idea before we build will save a lot of time and money in the long run. It will help us avoid mistakes or things we just don’t like while allowing us to make changes.

Step 1: Generate Idea

The idea we want to represent here is sustainability in nature. Collaboration is a great way to come up with ideas that are important to more than just yourself. By collaborating we thought the fundamentals of sustainable practices could be represented visually and act as pillars holding up the earth.

Step 2: Design Elements of Sculpture in Fusion 360

Using fusion 360 is a great way to get started with building the pieces of the final puzzle of the sculpture. Here we can see different material choices, shapes and space.

Step 3: Combine Pieces and Render

After each component of the sculpture is created it can be moved, scaled and modified to work with the final design. Small changes can be made and this is where it all comes together.

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