Introduction: Sweatshirt Embroidery #hms2020

Today I will be showing you how to make a embroidery sweatshirt.


Patches (of your choice)
Sweatshirt (shirt)
Ironing board (or a flat surface)

Step 1: Prepare Your Iron

First make sure it’s ok with your parent or guardian to use the iron, then if they say it is ok plug in the iron

Step 2: Choose Patch

Choose a patch of your choice

Step 3: Iron Patch

Once you have picked out a patch place it where you want it and iron it on

Step 4: Iron the Whole Shirt

Once your done ironing iron the whole shirt to just get out any wrinkles

Step 5: Ironing Board

take out your ironing board while the iron is heating up

Step 6: Wear It

Now that your sweatshirt is done you can wear