Introduction: Sweet Black and White Bread

Today I present you a dessert whose recipe was given to me by my Italian grandmother. It is a cake that in Italy is called "Plum cake" even if there is no plum inside. The shape and consistency are similar to White bread, hence the name. The recipe is simple and tasty, I hope you will like it.


-Superfine flour 300 g
-Eggs from 3 to 5 (Depends of they're medium or small size)
-Butter 200 g
-Icing sugar 200 g
-Greek yoghurt 150 g
-Potato starch 50 g
-Powdered baking powder 15 g
-Vanilla bean seeds 1
-Salt up to 4 g
-Cocoa Powder 30g-50g (depends on you)

Step 1: Combine the Ingredients

Combine all the ingredients except the cocoa in a bowl. Attention, the butter must be at room temperature. Also, do not add the powders directly, but pass them through a sieve so that no lumps form.

Step 2: Mix

Use the mixer (or by hand with a spoon) to mix the ingredients until they are mixed in a yellowish liquid.

Step 3: Put in the Cake Tin

Grease a special mold (it is a particularly elongated rectangular cake pan) and pour half of the liquid inside.

Step 4: Cocoa

Add the cocoa powder to the remaining liquid and mix until it turns chocolate brown.

Step 5: Pour

Pour the rest of the liquid into the pan and draw a line in the center with a small knife, parallel to the long side of the mold.

Step 6: Bake

Bake the cake in a preheated and static oven at 185°C for 15 minutes and then at 165°C for 30 minutes.

Step 7: Eat!

Take the cake out of the oven, let it cool slightly and eat! Enjoy your meal :)

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