Introduction: Shark Head Hat

Aahhh! A shark is eating my head! Here is a quick and easy way to create a fun hat!


-Light blue cardboard
-Red cardboard
-White cardboard
-Black cardboard

Step 1: Head

To create the shark's head, create a cone with blue cardboard, the base of which is the circumference of the head of the wearer.

Step 2: Mouth

To create the mouth, draw and cut a crescent Moon from the red cardboard

Step 3: Teeth

For the teeth, cut out triangles from white cardboard and stick them on the upper arch of the red crescent

Step 4: Glue the Mouth

Glue the mouth onto the blue cone.

Step 5: Eyes

To make the eyes, cut two half circles from the black cardboard and glue them to the sides of the cone, so that they are protruding.

Step 6: Wear!

Now you just have to wear your new, funny hat :)
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