Introduction: Sweet DIY AMP

I've been unsatisfied with the quality of inexpensive amp boards available and I can't afford high end stuff. I'm neither a electrical engineer nor a audiophile, but I'm an persistent maker that spent countless hours researching and designing a high quality amplifier that sounds great and can be built for an affordable price. I spent many hours laying out the PCB following the datasheet and industry guidelines for grounding and component placement.

This AMP uses a Texas Instruments TPA3122D2N

  • Class D 25W AMP needs 10v to 30v input.

Schematic and PCB are are shared on EasyEDA. Designs are all open.

Step 1: Build

This project needs a custom PCB from your favorite PCB manufacturer.

  • Order parts in BOM below
  • Gerber for ordering PCB

The SMD are 1206 size and easy to hand solder. The PCB is designed to fit a 94mm x 83mm x 30mm Aluminum Enclosure Box

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