Introduction: Sweet Potato Balls

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Some people don't like to eat boiled sweet potato.... maybe you can try it on this way... its really suitable for a tea time ... enjoy : )

Step 1: Ingredients


1. sweet potatoes (boil and Peel the skin )
2. glutinous flour
3. corn flour
4. wheat flour
7. salt
8. turmeric powder
9. grated coconut

Step 2: Prepare the Sweet Potato Ball

1. boil the sweet potato, strain the water and Peel the skin...
2. mash boiled sweet potato
3. once mash nicely, add sugar(it
will be nice when it's sweet... but don't over sweet), salt to taste.. mix well...
4. add grated coconut.... mix well again...
5. ready..... make small balls.....

NOTE : 1. Don't add water.
2. Don't add food color

Step 3: Prepare Coating

1. Add all three flour on same amount in a bowl.
2. add a bit of turmeric powder (for color)
3. add a bit of salt
4. add water and mix.... the mixture texture should be a bit thick..
5. Done : )

Step 4: Fry It..

1. heat up the oil in frying pan...
2. take a ball and dip into the coating mixture...
3. put the dipped ball in frying pan... and fry it....
4. use the same dipping method and fry few at same time...
5. once the coating color turns golden brown, you can take it ...
6. strain the oil and put it in tisu paper based plate..
7. serve it hot...

1. while coating the ball and put into frying pan, make sure all part of ball cover by coating.... if it is not, the filling will spread out and make black spots on oil...

2. remember we just want to fry the coating, not the potato filling which already cooked well... so no need to wait for it to cook... just make sure the coating become crispy and golden brown and you can take it..