Introduction: Sweet Tea

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How to make sweet tea, sweet and simple.
There are a couple of things you will need
- large pot (w/lid) enough to boil a gallon of water
- sugar or sweetener that will be equal to cups of white sugar.
- tea one gallon size bags work the best no crazy strings to deal with.
- jug to mix and serve sweet tea from.

Step 1: Water

Water any type can be used filtered, bottled or tap as long as it is clean, fresh and potable have at it.
- One (1) gallon of water.

Step 2: Boil

Boil your water to a full rolling boil.

Step 3: Steep

The full flavor of your sweet tea comes out when you steep your tea between 175 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit for four to five minutes (4 to 5 min).

Step 4: Rest & Cover

Resting your tea which is the cool down process I rest my tea in the same pot that I used to boil and steep and set it to the side and cover for an hour usually in the sink to save counter space.

Step 5: Sweeten

The whole reason its called sweet tea, add two cups of sugar to your pitcher then add your tea and stir until everything is dissolved.

Step 6: Fridge

If I had skipped the resting step and gone straight to the fridge the gallon jug would warm yout fridge so bad it could take twelve hours for everything to get down to a safe temp, which can be potentially dangerous and I'd rather not risk it I've got my little boy to think about. If your feeling daring do what you do but don't say I didn't warn you, or enjoy warm me myself and I can't stand warm sweet tea my wife loves it.

Step 7: Ice

After a stint in the fridge ice in a glass and enjoy.
This was about making plain and simple sweet tea as you can see from the photo I suggest ice but I like using frozen fruit instead I apologize for any confusion

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