Introduction: Treating Rough, Dry, Cracked and Calloused Feet.

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A few techniques that have worked for me some may work for you if the do tell me about it you may have couple of things you do different that may help me out later.

Step 1: Assessment

Assess what may be going on with your feet open wounds from cracks whether or not toenails need to be clipped overall health of feet.

Step 2: Equip Yourself

Gather everything that you may need
-Epsom salt
-Triple antibiotic ointment
-Foot sanding pads or pumice stone
-Foot file (looks sorta like cheese grater)
- Cocoa butter, foot cream or petroleum jelly
-Thick socks natural fibers I've found work a lot better (not pictured)
-Toenail clippers(not pictured)
-A couple of towels

Step 3: Treat

Wounds or open cuts run under a steady stream of Luke warm water for twenty minutes(20 min.) apply triple antibiotic ointment cover with socks repeat twice a day and return when wound closes. If wound persists seek medical attention this may be a sign of a more serious condition.
For gangly toenails trim and file back to a comfortable level trust me this will pay off later while applying whatever you chose to lather your feet in later.You do not want to cut yourself on one of those suckers.

Step 4: Wrap, Soak and File

I like to start out with wrapping my feet in a warm towel ten minutes (10min.) which sounds like a waste but its rather relaxing I usually just grab a fresh one right out of the dryer two birds one stone because I use the same towel to pat dry( emphasis on pat dry) my feet after soaking which is next I soak those puppies for fifteen to thirty minutes (15 to30 min.) in warm water with half a cup (1/2c.) of Epsom salt depending how bad they may be for that week. Yes I have to do this weekly to keep it under control some of y'all may get lucky and only have to do this once a month or so.
After a good soaking I do one foot at a time alternating feet in between scrubbing I start with a foot file "cheese grater" on the really calloused areas and rough spots after I've removed a good portion but not enough to injure or cause irritation I move on to what I call sanding pads starting with the course grit which reminds me of 160 grit sand paper remember keep alternating feet in between each phase this will make it easier to remove material and make every step go faster once you've gotten to a point that you no longer feel rough patches on your feet move on to the finer side of you foot sander this usually feels more like 240 grit sandpaper this step is more to Smooth out the and start to finish the foot seems like extra work but it will save a big headache feet a funny if not smoothed out the dry really fast and flake something terrible, do this step until your feet feel more like the tops of your feet than hooves.

Step 5: Finish Line

The pumice stone I don't really count this as a filing step then a God send this little stone catches all the little dirt and lose skin that you may not be able to see and traps it I never really know how much to go over my feet so I wet my stone and run it all over the bottoms a few good times not hard just enough to know when I've gone over a spot.
Slathering time after the stone rinse your feet off and pat them off before they dry completely apply your lotion, petroleum jelly, fancy foot cream whatever your choice I alternate with the weather some days I'll use cocoa butter other days petroleum jelly and days it rains (I walk in soaked boots, I'm a landscaper) I like to use jergins healing lotion.
Once your glazed like a Ham put on your socks and enjoy the rest of your day.
Side note its not needed but apply more lotion or cream the next morning is a life saver it really helps to keep fresh feet from drying out to quickly.
good luck and show'm your stuff

Remember I'm not a doctor or your health advisor so do everything at your own descretion I wish you the best with your endeavour.

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