Introduction: Swiss Army EDC Key Holder

Hi everyone nowadays EDC key organizers become very popular. Unfortunately, functionality comes with price so I decided to do my own EDC key organizer with swiss army knife form-factor. Only required parts are some M6 nuts,bolts and washers.

Step 1: Some CAD Work

Firstly I laid out two keys against each other and draw the side pieces according to size of M6 nuts and bolts on Fusion360 to fit flush with the frame. I imported Swiss army logo as SVG file. Frames drawn a little bit thicker and wider to fit various key sizes and obtain some durability.

Step 2: Paint and Assembly

I printed the model with 100%fill ratio by using ABS filament. I noticed to draw recessed side of the model so I cut it with dremel on the back side. I painted frame with maroon nail polish and painted the logo with white nail match the swiss army knife look. Finally I put keys and tightened the bolts.

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