Introduction: T-Shirt Dress

This summer I saw shirts on sale for $5 outside, of course only XL were left. I passed them multiple times so I decided I would get one and get creative! 

This is pretty easy. All you need is a shirt and some scissors. For this to work you need to be fairly small/short. Basically you need a shirt that will nicely cover your butt as is.

I think it turned out pretty cute, and you should know that the sides are slightly risque'. Plus its comfy.

Step 1: Cut Off the Sleeves.

Step 2: Cut a Strip From Each Sleeve.

You want this to be as long as possible.

Step 3: Cut the Sides Down.

Put on the sleeveless shirt and pinch the sides near your waist so that it fits as snugly as you want it to. Mark the point you are pinching on each side.
 Take it off and cut to that point - down from the sleeve area and in from the side.

Step 4: Tie Up the Top.

Cut small slits/holes in the side (along the vertical cut you just made). Make them in both layers. Make sure they aren't too close to the edge, and make them really small. I did three holes.

Then start at the top and use a strip to tie up the side. My original approach was just like shoelaces, but that was a little gappy when I put it on. So I overlapped the edges so that the holes lined up, and crisscrossed each end of the tie in and out. That ended up less gappy.
Either way I ended with a bow, and double knotting it first is not a bad idea.

Step 5: Make and Tie Fringe.

Put on the shirt again and see how much tighter you want the skirt portion.

Cut fringe into the sides. The one at the top should be as deep as the vertical cut. Then you can make them gradually less deep if you want, as long as the bottom ones are still long enough to tie. Try to make each side even.

Cut up the sides, so the front and back are separate. Double knot each fringe. Tie them tight so that the holes inbetween are tiny.

You are done!