Introduction: Slim Fit T-Shirt Mod

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I have a bunch of great logo tee-shirts but they're cut for men and I don't like the way they fit, so today I'm going to show you how to mod your t-shirts into a flattering shape that you'll actually wear, using a serger.

For this project, you will need:

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Step 1:

First, iron your shirts and turn them inside-out. Line up the template at the shoulders and trace around it with tailor's chalk.

Step 2:

Pin along the new side seams, and cut off the sleeves at the new armhole. Run the new side seams through the serger.

Step 3:

Lay out the old sleeve under the template t-shirt and mark the new underarm and armhole.

Step 4:

Serge the underarm, then cut the shoulder curve.

Step 5:

Flip the sleeve right side out and set it inside the armhole of the shirt. Pin both sleeves into their armholes.

Step 6:

Serge the sleeve seams and you're all done!

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