Introduction: T-Shirt Scrap Rug

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So after finishing my last project (T-Shirt Blanket) I had a lot of fabric scraps left over. At first I thought that they were useless and was about to throw them away until one of my friends suggested that I make some sort of rug out of them. I looked around on instructables for a while to try and find some sort of pattern , but I was unable to find one that would work for the materials I had. As a result, I decided to create a pattern of my own. This project took me roughly 12 hours on and off to complete.


  • Fabric remnants ( I used the excess backs and sleeves of roughly 25 or so t-shirts)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing Scissors
  • A har tie or rubber band

Step 1: Step 1: Cutting the T-Shirts

I started with this box of t-shirts and cut them all into long strips. Cut your t-shirts into strips that are between an inch and two inches wide. I found the easiest way to do this was to lay the t-shirt out and, starting at one edge cut to within an inch of the other side before cutting a new cut down the other side. I'm not sure how much sense this description makes, but the picture should help.

Step 2: Step 2: Braiding Together the Fabric Strips

Select the colors that you want to start your braid with and secure the ends together with a hair tie or a rubber band. Begin to braid the strips together, making sure that the strips are pulled snugly together. When you come to the end of a strip, select your next strip, and sew it to the end of the strip in the braid. I found it was easiest to add each strip as you reached each end to ensure that your braid didn't get too tangled. Once you finish braiding all of your strands together, sew the ends of all three strips together. Then, go back to where you started, remove the hair tie that you used to secure the beginning of the strand, and sew the ends of the strip together.

Step 3: Step 3: Spiraling the Rug

Once you have your braided strand of t-shirt rope, spiral it into a circular shape. I made mine with the braided side facing inwards so the strand is on edge because I liked the way it looked better. However, you could also lay the braid flat if you prefer that look. You don't have to spiral it together before you begin to sew it, however I wanted to make sure I liked how it looked before I sewed it together. Then I picked up the center of the spiral and began to stich it together by sewing from one edge of the spiral to the next. Again, if this description doesn't really make sense the picture should help. If you need more help, either comment below or contact me through my profile and I'll do my best to explain it differently. I continued doing this for the entire spiral until I reached the end. I then sewed this end directly into the side of the rug, and voila, I had a rug!

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