Introduction: T-Shirt Throw Pillow

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This is a cute pillow you can make from an old T-shirt.

The Pink Floyd T-shirt was an adult small so I purchased a 14" square pillow form to place inside.

The Air Force T-shirt was an extra large so I used an 18" square pillow form for it.

Step 1: Supplies

T-shirt that is free from holes or stains

Piping or ruffle trim (optional)

Sewing machine

matching thread


measuring tape

Pillow form

Step 2: Cut T-shirt

Cut off the sleeves and then cut across the top of T-shirt, under the neckline. Cut the side seams open.

You will have 2 rectangles.

Step 3: Front of Pillow

Cut out a square 1" larger than your pillow form. Sew to a cotton backing, stitching 1/4" from the edge.

Step 4: Back of Pillow

The back of the pillow needs to overlap about 4 inches in the center so that it can be removed for washing.

Step 5: Pin and Sew With Piping

Pin front and back of pillow right sides together. Place piping in between the top and bottom pieces of pillow. Pin. Sew around edge.

Step 6: Turn Right Side Out

Turn the pillow cover right side out and place pillow form inside.

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