Introduction: T-Shirt Wall Art

Do you have old t-shirts that you used to wear a lot and loved but no longer wear? Do you want some unique wall art? Or are you just bored? If you answered yes to anyone of those questions then this project will be great for you! You will need the following items:

-Cool T-Shirts
-12" x 12" Canvases

Before you get started you may want to choose some shirts and see if the design will fit on the canvas. If the design fits on the canvas you may choose to iron the shirt before you get started that way there are no wrinkles in your final project.

Step 1: The Sides

Fold the sides over the canvas and pull the shirt tight. The tighter it is the nicer it will look when you are done. Then put staples all along the side of the canvas. The more staples the better. The minimum you should put is five. After you have stapled down the sides cut off the sleeves.

Step 2: The Top

Now, fold over the top of the shirt and staple it down. Remember that the hook to hang the canvas is on this side. Make sure your staples are above the hook so you can still hang it up. If you mess up and the hook is on the wrong side simply get a hammer or screwdriver, pull it off, and put it where you want it. Once you have the top stapled down cut off all of the excess. Especially make sure to cut enough off so the hook is accessible.

Step 3: The Bottom

Once you have finished the other steps fold the bottom over. Staple the shirt to the canvas and cut any of the excess off.

Step 4: Finished Product

Once you have finished the last step you are done. All there is left to do is hang them up and admire them.