Introduction: T Shirt Weaving

Quick and simple ways to upcycle and update your t shirts!

Step 1: Basics

Find your t shirt!
If you've never done this before I highly recommend using an old tee you don't mind making a mess with! This one was after 2 fails and 3 wins!

You only really need a t shirt and scissors, but if you want to go a bit fancy then grab a needle and thread.
I eyeball everything, if you don't trust yourself, then grab a measuring tape too :)

Step 2: Creative Cutting Up

Start by cutting away what you want to. I decided I only wanted the neckline to be cut away, I have previously cut off the sleeves too, but do whatever you feel like!
For my sleeves I wanted to weave them, so I folded the t shirt and lined up the sleeves. I eyeball the measurements to make the first slits. (No less than an inch wide) The nicest looking weaves are in a diagonal, so start with your longest slit and work backwards.
The reason for lining up the sleeves? You only cut them once and they'll be even on both sides!
Then do the same wherever you want the next weave. I decided to do sleeves, sides and upper back.
Just remember to pull out the front of the t shirt when doing the back!
For the sides you can repeat the sleeves step.

Step 3: Fancy Bits

I wanted something a little extra on the back, so I cut three strips a little wider before carrying on with the diagonal inch wide slits.
Cut these three strips into a diagonal, and when you've done, stretch out all of the slits

Step 4: Weaving: Basic

If I'm no use explaining this to you, then I highly recommend watching some YouTube tutorials on weaving/braiding! (Thats what I did)
The basic weave, you start from the longest slit, pull the second one under the first, and pull it over. You then pull the third under and over the second. Then the fourth under and over the third. See where I'm going with this?
When you're at the bottom, you can knot it off with the last slit, cut the last slit and knot together, or sew them. I don't like things too permanent so I knot the slits together. If you're carrying on with the loop weave, then I recommend only doing a loose knot as you'll need to undo it once you're finishing up and re knot it.
The loop weave is only a tiny bit trickier, and that's what I'll show you next.

Step 5: Weaving: Loop

Unfortunately my pictures don't really show the technique for this one, as I suggested in the last step, you can always swot up on YouTube for this!
You take your first slit as per before, but twist it into a loop. You then pull the second slit through that loop, and twist the second slit into a loop. Then pull the third slit through, loop, and so on. Knot, tie or sew at the bottom.

You can also loop weave or basic weave to make the top tighter, so it's up to you how many weaves you want to create!
Remember the fancy bits step? All you need to do with the three different (diagonal) slits on the back is cut in the middle, and tie a tiny knot in each. You don't have to do this, but I think it looks nicer!

Just be careful with tops that have the seam down the sides like this one... If you cut the slits too small, the threading may come undone and you'll have to sew or knot them together. It's not a big deal, just annoying!

Step 6: Et Voila! Finished!

The only other thing I did with this top, was sew the straps into a ruched detail, as I felt the basic cut did nothing for it! Thats entirely optional :)
Let me see your creations!