T-shirt Face Mask

Introduction: T-shirt Face Mask

I made a hat with a mask out of a t shirt.

Step 1:

what i did first was i took a t - shirt and i cut the sleeve off the t-shirt. make  sure you leave a drape for the mask part.

Step 2:

in this step i sewed the top of the sleeve

Step 3:

then you put the stitch on the inside  of the sleeve

Step 4:

and then you take sewing chalk to mark were your eyes are and your mouth and cut out were you marked it.

Step 5:

and if you want to you can sew some eyebrows on the mask to add effect

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    It would probably be politically incorrect to make it out of a white t-shirt. Less prep involved if you use a stocking or pantyhose mask to hold up a bank.