Introduction: T.D.M.R (the Dual Mag Rifle) + Sneak Peak Shotgun?!

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What's up guys, ben_the_builder here with a new rifle i had been working on for a while now, it's been a fair bit of trouble for me so i thought i'd share my trouble with you guys and gals. As the name suggests, the gun has the capability of firing 2 separate ammunition types, a connector type and the simple blue rod magazines. there are a lot of broken pieces that aren't meant top be broken, for instance, half of the yellow connectors for the barrel aren't meant to be broken, but i work with what i have :D

anywho, i leave you guys with a special, (and by that i mean "odd" special), kind of rifle, AND on the end of this 'ible i will leave you a video sneak preview to my VERY latest 'ible, a pump action shotgun with shell ejection, stay tuned and i may even make an 'ible for you all <3

Step 1: The Magazines

these are 2 seperate magazines that you can use in this weapon WITHOUT changing anything in the gun, but, be warned, you may or may not break a few pieces in the process of miss-firing, or the firing pin not aligning with the secondary ammunition.

PIC 1) the standard ammunition magazine, or the primary ammunition
PIC 2) the secondary ammunition and magazine


PIC 3) what you'll be making
PIC 4) make x2
PIC 5) add these components now, you will need some broken or cut rods for these magazines.
PIC 6) another angle
PIC 7) make these
PIC 8) add them like so
PIC 9) add on the final layer
PIC 10) the mag pusher, it's not necessary, you can make this magazine with an internal pusher, i just didn't have the pieces to do so
PIC 11) another angle
PIC 12) add some tape to the top like so, and take note to how far the pusher moves up in the magazine, just enough room to hold a rod in place without it falling out the end of the magazine.
PIC 13) and as you can see here, there is just enough room to let the firing pin through without any collisions.
PIC 14) add some tape
PIC 15) a look down the empty magazine
PIC 16) add a laccy for the mag pusher and you're good to go!! ^_^


PIC 17) what you'll be making
PIC 18) make x2
PIC 19) add on some more rods and broken pieces
PIC 20) another angle
PIC 21) make these
PIC 22) add them to the wall like so
PIC 23) add the top layer
PIC 24) the mag pusher, the clips are there because spacers would slip into the gap for the ammunition
PIC 25) same concept for the standard mag, a little bit of room for the firing pin, but able to hold the ammo in place
PIC 26) see :3
PIC 27) angling into the mag well, vertically inserting the magazine is too difficult
PIC 28) magazine in place :D

Step 2: BARREL

okay, so let's start on the gun ^_^

PIC 1) make 
PIC 2) another angle
PIC 3) make x2
PIC 4) add on some blue rods
PIC 5) the connectors are on her to make the barrel a little more stable
PIC 6) make, there should be green rods in all the connectors, i ran out of them, don't be shy :3
PIC 7) another view
PIC 8) a closer look at the iron sights on the end, please see picture
PIC 9) side view
PIC 10) make the giant yellow thing : |
PIC 11) another angle
PIC 12) add them like so
PIC 13) add the top layer :D
PIC 14) add in the fore-grip
PIC 15) ta-da!


just some things for later :3

PIC 1) make this
PIC 2) another angle
PIC 3) the stock/butt
PIC 4) another angle
PIC 5) textuuuuuuuuuuuure :D <3


getting closer :D

PIC 1) make x2
PIC 2) add on some blue rods and a few red connectors
PIC 3) a closer look at the connectors
PIC 4) make
PIC 5) make
PIC 6) add on the yellow and white connectors
PIC 7) then a few extras on top the orange connectors do not need to be broken connectors, you can replace them with dark grey connectors, but i do recommend having the bottom orange connector for the magazine walls, if you insist on a dark grey connector, i hate to say i told you so
PIC 8) add on the next layer of connectors here
PIC 9) add these like so
PIC 10) add on the internal wall for the mag-well
PIC 11) trigger
PIC 12) another angle
PIC 13) insert like so
PIC 14) add the red connector like so
PIC 15) add the second plate, and you're done


almost there!

PIC 1) make x2
PIC 2) add the blue rods, but remove the connectors and keep them for later
PIC 3) again add the blue rods, but keep the connectors for later
PIC 4) make
PIC 5) another angle
PIC 6) make the end of the stock/cheek rest, if you're left handed, face the blue connectors on the cheek rest the other direction
PIC 7) another angle
PIC 8) add these like so
PIC 9) attach the large block piece like so
PIC 10) another angle
PIC 11) add on the other panel 
PIC 12) attach the butt like so
PIC 13) add in the handle
PIC 14) a closer look
PIC 15) attach the mag-well and body like so
PIC 16) add the barrel like so
PIC 17) voila! 


finally there!

PIC 1) the 2 seperate firing pins preferred for each ammunition
PIC 2) "bolt" for the firing pin
PIC 3) firing pins and the "bolt/draw pin"
PIC 4) 'tipped' (black) firing pin
PIC 5) length into the mag-well
PIC 6) add the "bolt/draw pin", you will have a slightly shorter length to the firing pin
PIC 7) see, but it makes about a half foot difference in distance
PIC 8) grey (standard) firing pin
PIC 9) full length of firing pin without the "bolt/draw pin"
PIC 10) add the "bolt/draw pin" 
PIC 11) still full length through the mag-well
PIC 12) with the magazine in, the grey firing pin exceeds the magazine by a half centimeter

okay, you may ask why there is a gap in the top of the "firing chamber", in case your gun does jam/miss-fire you can quite literally, cock the gun, and then rip the magazine out and the round should follow, if not, then it's easily accessible.


okay, i was screwing around with this for a while and came up with a rather awesome shotgun, i hope you guys like this sneak preview, i plan to do these on the end of various guns i make in the future, so you have a good idea of the next few weeks or so. anyway have fun watching ^_^