Introduction: THE FIRST Knex DSR 50

About: Hi! I enjoy making knex weapons, especially ones that cause DOOM!

Step 1: Special Thanks...

Special thanks to Raiden97 for the mech!

Step 2: THE STOCK!! and Tiny Thing XD

Just the stock and the thing the end of the gun sits on. I don't know it's name, just saw it on the dsr50 so recreated it to the best of my abilities!:)

Step 3: Handle

Nothin much :)

Step 4: Fake Unremovable Mag

Useless but gives it more detail

Step 5: Front of Fake Barrel and the Grip

Barrel and grip for comfort( also for more detail:))

Step 6: End of Fake Barrel and Muzzle Break!

Just some more detail

Step 7: Bipod

Just for extra support

Step 8: Da Snipa Scope

$pardons me baads englisho:) the snipers scope! It's very detailed and looks just as good as the real scope

Step 9: The Whole Gun!

It's about the most detailed as as close as you can get to the real thing! Looks just like it! My fav gun finally! It took a month to plan and after giving up numerous times, I built it on June 4,2013 starting at 8:00a.m. And finishing at 6:40P.m. That same day. Now! Time to clean up the knex on the floor! I WILL NOT POST INSTRUCTIONS AND I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PAINS CAUSED BY THIS GUN

Step 10: Almost Forgot! the Ammo

Just the bullets and rubber band(#64) needed