Introduction: THE POTATO PEELER 2.0 - Tinkercad

This is a 3d printed potato peeler that has many other useful purposes.

Step 1: What Else It Can Do

This potato peeler can also cut thin slices that can be used to make potato chips. I was experimenting and found that this potato peeler also can peel apples!

Step 2: The Base

Get a circle shape and make it 85 mm by 85 mm.

Step 3: The Wedges

Get the wedge shape and make it 6 mm by 51 mm.

Step 4: Joining the Pieces

Take your wedge piece and attach it to the circle as you see above. When you attach it make sure the wedge is facing the middle of the circle.

Step 5: Finishing

Make 3 more wedge pieces and join them to the circle like you did in the previous step. Make sure the wedge is facing the middle of the circle and that the corners are all lined up.

Step 6: Enjoy!

I hope you like it!:)

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