Introduction: TNT Clock

In this instrucable we will make this alarm clock with simple stuff

Step 1: Choos Your Stuf

For this project, you will need:

some sticks aboute 20 cm

red paint

some fin black and red wire

a clock

and some electic tape (black)

you will nee too:

a drill

some hard glue

Step 2: Painting

you need to paint your's sticks in red and glue them together,

when the glue is dry, you can put the tape at both extremity.

Step 3: Drilling

now drill a hole a little bit larger than the wire, insert the wire in all of the holes and glue them in to it

Step 4: The Clock

install the clock on top of the stcks ans glue it in place, than glue the wire on the back of the clock.

Step 5: Final!

this is what is suppose to look like

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