Introduction: TOY STORY Ball (EASY!)

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You'll get a real KICK out of this ball! Making this ball is an EASY and fun thing to do:)

Probably most recognized from the Disney Pixar movie, Toy Story, the Luxo ball is a colorful and just plain fun to ball to play with! This makes a great present for any Disney fan!


  1. Ball
  2. Rubbing Alcohol
  3. Plastic Primer
  4. Yellow, Red, and Blue Acrylic Paint

Step 1: Prime the Ball

The first thing you will want to do is clean the ball: rub the ball with rubbing alcohol.

Next, spray the ball with the plastic primer. If you have a yellow ball, you will want to be sure that your plastic primer is clear. If you do not have a yellow ball, you can use white or clear primer:)

TIP! I found that setting the ball on top of a cup keeps the ball stable while you spray it.

Step 2: Paint

If you have a yellow ball, skip to the next step:)

If you do not have a yellow ball, take your yellow paint and paint the entire ball yellow. Alternatively, if you want to leave an unpainted stripe down the middle of the ball, you can!

Step 3: Paint Pt. 2!

If you painted your ball yellow, read the directions on your paint to see how long it needs to dry. Generally, about an hour or two should do it.

Once your yellow paint is dry (or if you started with a yellow ball), take a small-medium paint brush and paint a blue stripe on the ball.

TIP! Depending on how the ball was made, there might be a line on the ball that you can follow with your paint brush:)

Step 4: Add the Star

If you want to freehand the star, draw a star on each side of the stripe with a pencil or thin-tipped pen.

You can also search online for a star image, print it, and cut it out. Draw an outline of the cutout on each side of the ball. I used a thin-tipped permanent marker.

Take your red paint and paint the star you have outlined red.

Step 5: Seal the Paint

Once your paint is completely dry (generally most acrylic paint dries in a few hours), coat the ball with a flat sealer. Again, I found that putting the ball on a cup made it easy to spray.

Spray about 3-4 coats of sealer on the ball to ensure that the paint doesn't chip after some use! If you plan to keep the ball outside, you may want to put a few more coats of sealer on it.

Overall, this makes a great present to those Disney fanatics! Now all you need to do is play ball!

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