Introduction: TUTORIAL: 1960s Bouffant Paper Wig


yellow raffia ribbon (Michaels for about $4)


double sided tape

masking tape

2 or more plastic grocery bags

paper (to crumple for bouffant height to hair)

head bust (optional, but highly recommended)

photo of a 1960s bouffant hairstyle (available on Google images)

Step 1: Cut Plastic Grocery Bag Into a Large Square.

You’ll need this to create the base for your wig.

Step 2: Using Masking Tape, Create a Headpiece That Fits Your Head Shape and Size.

Choose your favorite image, and use that as your inspirational piece.

Take long strips of masking tape, and wrap it around beginning at the forehead, the ears, and back of the head at the nape of your neck. Keep adding more strips of masking tape, so that the plastic bag begins to take the shape of your head.

Step 3: Add Another Layer of Plastic Over Your Headpiece.

This is important to add the height needed for a true bouffant style. Use crumpled paper to keep the shape of the teased/heightened hair look, add another plastic sheet (cut from another grocery bag) and tape it over the headpiece.

Cut extra/left over plastic piece from the forehead.

(To see additional images see the original post here.)

Step 4: Create Bouffant Hairstyle.

This is the fun part. Using lots of double sided tape, I cut raffia ribbon to create a short hair back. This will be the first layer of hair. Using strips of raffia ribbon, I added a headband look at the front of the hairline.

Then I added more raffia ribbon from under the headpiece with masking tape. Make sure that the curl of the ribbon goes along the shape of the head. This is the wavy front and sides of the hairstyle. Add more strips of raffia ribbon under the base of the headpiece to style your bouffant headpiece.

Step 5: Voila! Project Complete!

Add more raffia ribbon to the top and back to add more height to the hair. I also added another layer of raffia ribbon to the top and back to cover the headpiece bottom (plastic grocery bag) from showing through. You can control the hairstyle with double-sided tape – just experiment until you have your look.

And voila, your 1960s bouffant paper wig is done!

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