Introduction: TUTORIAL: Cardboard Glasses and 3D Paper Mustache

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Step 1: Download, Print, and Cut Glasses and Mustache Templates.

If you want to find a ready-made mustache, you can find a ton of free clip art on Google Images. If none of those suit your style, then you can make your own. I modified Piano Man’s glasses (from free clip art) to look a little more like Bill Watterson and less stock photo-like.

*NOTE: If you’re looking for the glasses template, post a request at the bottom of this post or contact me via social media, and I’d be happy to send it to you.*

Step 2: Trace and Cut Out Glasses and Mustache.

Since I used a clip art mustache template, I won’t show any photos here.

To make cardboard glasses, I had to print out my template on two pages and tape the glasses template together. Once I had the glasses sized to little man’s face, I traced and cut out the cardboard glasses with my handy X-ACTO knife.

Step 3: Score the Glasses at the Hinges, So That It Bends at the Angle to Fit Your Child’s Face.

Your cardboard glasses should be complete.

(Optional and Warning: You can paint by brush or spray your cardboard glasses. Personally, I didn’t want to risk those pretty eyes of his with flecks of paint in them – just be careful as they play and use them.)

Step 4: Make the Mustache!

After you’ve cut out your template, poke a hole on either side of the mustache.

Note: Be sure to poke away from the edge, so when your child puts the elastic around head, it doesn’t rip off.

Push elastic thread through both sides and tie a knot. It won’t matter that the knots are showing since you are making a 3D mustache. The raffia ribbon will cover the knots.

Step 5: Add Double-sided Tape to the Top Front of Your Mustache.

This will secure the raffia ribbon.

Step 6: Cut Your Color Specific Raffia Ribbon to About 2-3 Inches.

Once you have secured the raffia ribbon at the top of the mustache, add more double-sided tape to the bottom of the mustache. Secure the raffia ribbon to the bottom, curling it in the direction towards the mustache.

Step 7: Voila! Project Complete!

Now you have a 3D mustache and a pair of cardboard glasses. Wasn’t that fun?

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