Introduction: TUTORIAL: LEGO Legends of Chima – Inspired Chi Invitations

I've had this tutorial up for a few months on my blog, but I thought I'd share it on Instructables. This tutorial comes with a free template. All you have to do is like Hometown Betty on Facebook, and then let me know via Facebook msg that you'd like copy of the template. 

The inspiration for the Legends of Chima card comes from the LEGO chi piece.


- blue card stock paper (on sale for $2.50 at Michaels or about $3.00 w/ 40% coupon)

- ruler

- scissors

- pencil

- X-ACTO knife (optional)

- paper cutter (optional)

- 5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ inch envelopes

- invitation template (no longer available online)

Step 1: Print Two Copies of Invitation Template.

On the first copy, cut along the solid lines. Then trace template pieces onto blue colored card stock paper using a ruler/straight edge and pencil.

Step 2: Cut Along Traced Edges.

If you have a steady hand, cut along traced edges. (Optional: You can use an X-ACTO knife and ruler to ensure that you have crisp, sharp edges.)

Step 3: Fold Edges.

Fold left and right edges together to enclose the invitation at the center. Use the second copy of the template as a guide.

Step 4: With Second Copy of Template, Make Two Additional Chi Crystals.

Using the second copy of the template, place the two additional chi crystal pieces for the front of the invitation (when flaps are closed).

Step 5: Make Invitation Inserts, Detailing Information About Party.

I used text boxes on Microsoft Powerpoint to make my invitation inserts. But you can use any application, such as Adobe Photoshop or even Microsoft Word, to provide party details.

Step 6: Cut and Paste Onto Invitation.

Be sure that your insert fits within the invitation. 

Step 7: Place Finished Invitation Inside Envelope.

If the invitation does not fit in the envelope when closed, then carefully cut away at the additional front chi crystal pieces until the invitation does fit in the envelope.

Step 8: Project Complete!

You now have plenty of invitations to let your little one hand out a Legends of Chima-themed party invitation.

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