Introduction: TUTORIAL: Women’s Olympics Ice Skating Silhouette Sculpture

Last night, the world watched the Olympics women’s top figure skaters perform their short programs. It’s been a personal favorite of mine watching women’s figure skating competition as a little girl. I enjoyed watching the grace and athletic abilities of famous Olympic medalists, such as Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan. Though I haven’t kept up with the latest and greatest figure skaters, friends on Facebook share videos and articles of Kim Yuna’s finesse and artistic beauty on the ice.

Remembering my old high school art project that used the idea of dancer silhouettes, I decided to transform a photo of Kim Yuna (link here) into a silhouette (along with a few other black and white silhouettes via Google images) and attach them together. The result is a 3D sculptural piece that can sit next to your future Olympian’s nightstand.

Supplies: (see partial supply list in photo below)
X-ACTO knife
Gold spray paint (Krylon)
Hot glue/glue gun
Print (or make) template(s)

Step 1: Print or Make Your Own Silhouette Templates.

For a copy of the templates I used, head over to Hometown Betty on Facebook, and click on the like button.

Step 2: Cut Out Templates.

Step 3: Trace Your Designs Onto Cardboard. Cut Using X-ACTO Knife.

Step 4: Place Cardboard Silhouettes on Top of Tarp. Spray Gold Paint.

Spray in light strokes over silhouettes. Once dried, flip and spray on other side.

Note: I tried using craft glue, but it became too transparent, which would have required more time and coats.

Step 5: Design Silhouettes Into Sculptural Form.

Note: This is where you can get really creative. Just be sure to have your silhouettes touch the table/flat surface, so that it is stabilized once glued together.

Step 6: Use Hot Glue Gun to Secure Silhouette Pieces.

Step 7: Optional: Add Embellishments, Such As Olympic Rings, If Desired.

I downloaded and printed two sets of Olympic rings via Google images, but I decided on simplicity over an ornate look. However, adding an Olympic emblem could give your little one the dream to go big and aim high for her goals in life. Thus, if it’s your style, then I say go for it!

Step 8: Voila! Project Complete!

Dimensions: Approximately 8.5” in height x 9” in length.

If your future Olympian wishes to have a silhouette of a different figure skater, then you can take the same idea – print, trace, and cut a silhouette of her favorite ice skating hero – and transform the design into a personalized creative project for your loved one. This would make a wonderful gift for your future Olympic champion. Let her dream of those big jumps, beautiful lines, and creating art on the ice.

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