Introduction: TV Costume Idea: Red Coat (Pretty Little Liars) Laid Back Version

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Anyone who's ever watched "Pretty Little Liars" and is a fan of the show, like my mom and oldest sister has, must recognize the young woman with the red ensemble who basically goes by "Red Coat". However, if you're looking to dress like this iconic character but don't have a actual red trenchcoat or are looking for an idea for a last minute Halloween costume, this is the one for you! This DIY costume idea (along with a make-up tutorial) shows you how to do a tone-down version of the ironically red character without worrying about pricing and looking too much like the character itself, but still getting the character's actual vibe!

Step 1: Wear Red

Everyone knows that if you're dressing like "Red Coat", you have to have a red coat! Again, if you don't have a red trench coat or red hoodie, then you can do just like how I did and wear a red long sleeve shirt! What's interesting about this part is that the red shirt (preferably long sleeve) actually resembles the look of the red coat / hoodie, without actually overpowering the overall costume ensemble. You can also wear a short sleeve red shirt if you prefer as well.

Step 2: Black Pieces

Next, add a splash of black to your ensemble. This step requires wearing a pair of black pants and shoes (sneakers / boots / ballet flats). I am wearing a pair of black lycra pants and black boots, most of which come from my closet! In addition, you can also add a pair of black gloves (regular or fingerless)! I actually don't have the black fingerless gloves, but you can see them when you watch my YouTube video on how to do the character make-up and additional accessories!

Step 3: Go Blonde

Now comes the most important part: going blonde! If you already have blonde hair, then you're good to go! But, for those black, brown or redheads out there, you can pick up a blonde wig and put it on, like I did! This wig was bought during a post-Halloween sale at Joann's!

Step 4: Make Up

In addition to the costume, you can also don your face with matching make-up! What I did was I used black and two different shades of grey for a mysterious look, along with some crystal eye tattoos on one side of the face for a little bit of glitz! The red lipstick has been vamped up with a touch of black to make it more gothic! Check out the list of make-up products used here, and also on my YouTube video.

Just click on this link:


  • Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express mascara
  • Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Midnight Master
  • Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow in Impeccable Greys


  • Maybelline Color Sensational in Are You Reddy?
  • Wet N Wild ColorIcon Lip Liner in Berry Red
  • Fergie Wet N Wild Lip Stain in Voguing Madness


*Eye Rock Crystal Eye Tattoos

Step 5: Video

Here is the video of my Red Coat Make-Up if you want to view it here as well!

Now, you're ready to give people the silent treatment as Red Coat from "Pretty Little Liars"!

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