Introduction: TV Remote Hack!(Never Lose Your Remote!)

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HI Everyone,
Finding Multiple remotes is very difficult.
Everyone Has More Than Just On Remote To watch TV.
I myself Have 3 Remotes!,I have To find every remote before turning on the TV!
That Was Pretty Irritating.
So,In This Instructable I am Going to Show You How To Hack All Those Remotes Into 1 Remote!!

Step 1: Joining the Remotes!

Now for This Hack You Will need Your Glue Gun!
Step 1- Take The 1st remote and flip it over to its backside!
Step 2- Apply a small dot of hot glue on the remote!
Step 3- Put the 2nd second remote over the small dot of hot glue!
Step 4-Now take The 3rd remote & Apply small Amount of hot glue on it Stick it onto the other remotes
Step 5- We Are Done!

Step 2: We Are Done!

Now You Will Never Lose Your TV,Home Theater,Cable Remote ever.
If You want To replace The Batteries Just Simply Apply A small amount of muscular force and remove the particular remote!
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