Introduction: USB Bluetooth BoomBox for $4!

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Welcome Everyone!
In this Tutorial I Will Show You How To Make a USB Bluetooth BoomBox Which Facilitates a FM Radio!
So Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial!

You Can Also Watch My Video Tutorial On This Which Would Help You Understand Better!

Step 2: What Do We Need?

For Making This Awesome BoomBox We Need:-

1) Bluetooth Module-$2
2)0.5 Watt Speaker!
3)5 Watt Speaker!
5)Small Capacitor!(I used 50v)
6)USB Cable!
7) Small Cardboard Box!

Step 3: Make Cut Outs for Speakers!

Now In this Step We Need to-

1) Take Measurements of all the Components! (Bluetooth Module & The Speakers!)
2)Make The Cut Outs With the help of Our Rotary Tool!
3)Check If Everything Fits Perfectly!

Step 4: Time to Test Our Circuit!

Here Is a Little Schematic I Prepared For You all!
It Is Always Good To Check If All The components work
Before Fixing Everything Onto The Cardboard Box It is Better To Test This Circuit out!

Here Is a Little explanation-:
The Pam8403 Has 2 Inputs & 2 Outputs Resp.
The Inputs are-1) The 5v power Input!
2)The Audio Input!
The Outputs Are-1)Left Speaker Output
2) Right Speaker Output

The Bluetooth Module Has 1 Input & 1 Output!
The Input Is For Power & The Output Is The Audio Out

The Power Input from The Bluetooth Module & The Pam8403 Go to The The Usb Cable Through which They Receive the Potential Difference Of 5 Volts(USB) SOLDER IN PROPER POLARITY

The Audio In From The Pam8403 Goes To The Audio Out Of The Bluetooth Module!
the Bluetooth Module Is Basically a Audio Controller for our amplifier!
L-Left Channel
R-Right Channel

Now The Outputs of the Pam 8403(Speaker Outputs) go Directly To The Speakers.
But On the Positive Wire Of the 0.5 watt Speaker a Capacitor Is connected So the Audio Is not distorted On the 5 watt Speaker!

Step 5: Fix Everything Onto the Box!

Now In This Step We Are Going to Use Hot Glue To Fix Everything In Their Resp. Places!

Now Solder Everything Back As Per The Schematic and Close the Cardboard Box With Clear Tape!

Step 6: We Are Done!

Now After Making The BoomBox I Decided Not To Paint Because The Cardboard Itself Gives a Great Finish!

If You Want To See How it Performs Scoot Over To the End of my Video Tutorial Right here-