Introduction: How to Make a Table Pallet and PVC Pipe

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In this instructable I will show you how I made this easy and simple table using one pallet and PVC pipe.

Step 1: Disassemble the Pallet

- First I disassemble the pallet (there is a lot of video on how to do this) then I chose the pieces I will use to build the top of the table

Step 2: Building the Top of the Table

1- I took two strips wood I put the them parallely.

2- I screw the frist wood strip on top of first two pieces.

3- I screw six other wood strips next to the first one to form the top of the table.

4- I cut off the excess wood from the first two pieces

5- I sand the top of the table using sand paper.

6- I put 2 layer of stain.

Step 3: Making Connectors for the Legs

1- I took to PVC connectors.

2- I cut off the parts where the PVC pipe goes. (see the pictures).

3- I measure 5cm from the end of the wood strip and 2cm form the side. (see the Pictures)2

3- Then I glue the connectors to the table using superglue.

Step 4: Making the Legs

1- I used 4m +10cm PVC pipe diameter 40, and 6 T connectors.

2- I cut the PVC pipe to :


2x 51cm

2x 41cm


3- I painted the pipes in black.

4- the 61cm pipes will be the front leg, I put them in the 2 first connectors

5- I put the 51cm pipes in the two last connectors.

6- I put two T connectors in the ends of 93cm pvc pipe then I connected it to the 51cm pipes.

7- I put the 5cm pipes in the T connectors.

8- I put the T connectors on the 41cm pipes then I connected them to the legs.

I hope this build is clear (sorry for my english), you can watch the video for more details.
thank youuu!