Introduction: Tacky Christmas Shirts

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Supplies -

One old Sweatshirt or T-shirt -any colour
Lots of Random Tacky Christmas Craft supplies--The more colourful and shiny, the better. There is to be NO matching of colours. Use up as much of your Craft Supply Hoard as possible. The Tackier the better! Check your local thrift stores or your Granny's attic!

Lots of Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Cardboard to fit inside the shirt so that you don't glue the front of the shirt to the back of the shirt _______________

I made these shirts a few years ago, so no pictures of the original shirts.

1) Place the cardboard inside the shirt to protect the back of the shirt from over gluage.

2) Pick the biggest ugliest decoration and glue that in the middle of the shirt

3) Now glue the rest of the tacky stuff ALL Over the place. - Don't forget ribbon down the arms and around the cuffs. The tree on the Red shirt is made from an old tinsel garland

After you have won the awards at work for the Ugliest shirt a couple of times, pass that shirt on to a Cousin who lives out of town...

4) This project works best if you gather a bunch of friends and share tacky supplies. Perhaps some Adult Beverages? This results in much laughter and tremendous creativity.


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