Introduction: Taco Toasties

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The Toastie maker.

Most people have one yet very few know how they came into position of it and thus it gets shunned to the back of many a cupboard like the proverbial redheaded stepchild of the kitchen appliance family.

But I say NO! Embrace the toastie maker! For when you look back through your life chances are its been there for you when you needed a snack the most but only had a couple of slices of bread, some cheese and if you were lucky, some beans. Emerging from the darkness like a shadowy hero, the Batman of kitchen appliances dishing out triangular shaped batarangs* of hot tasty goodness or that rogue cop who may not be as pretty as some of the other appliances but gawd dammit it gets the job done!

In this instuctable i hope to rekindle a little bit of toastie make love by combining two of my favorite foodstuffs, toasties and tacos

*seriously, if someone can make an instructable about how to make a toastie maker that shapes them like batarangs i will be so all over that!

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

What you need



Taco mince

Cheese (grated)


Toastie maker


Something to cut your toastie with. you can use a knife but a pizza cutter works really well

Step 2: Loading It Up

Important note: Do not turn your toastie maker on at this point as you make burn yourself.

Place your tortilla into the toastie maker and press it into the cavities a bit so you can identify the center partition.

Spoon in some taco mince.

Add cheese, its important that you cover the center partition as the tortilla is quite thin and the cheese will work as "glue" to help fuse this edge together

you can also add extra ingredients if you wish such as salsa or sauce, just remember that it will be hot by the end.

Step 3: Folding It Up

Fold the edges from opposite sides into wards each other trying to keep the folds as close to the edges of the toastie maker.

Once you have one toastie parcel repeat for the second slot.

you can also sprinkle a little cheese on top to for a crispy cheese layer

Step 4: Cook It Up and Eat It

Cook your taco toasties as per your toastie makers instructions.

Remove the toasties remembering that the toastie maker will be hot so be careful.

Cut em up and eat them!

They are good on their own or with a side of salsa, sour cream and guacamole and are also good to eat cold.


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