Introduction: Taco Tuesday Party Platform

Who wants a TACO? Everything is awesome when you are the head of a sprawling, omniscient, omnipotent, bureaucracy set to take over the world next Tuesday. Except when people mess up your stuff. Even the best-laid plans go astray, and when they do, it helps to have a little something to put your brilliant scheme back on course. Enter the Taco Tuesday Party Platform. With enough cannons and blasters to blow a dragon clear out of Middle Zealand, the Taco Tuesday Party Platform is a formidable opponent to even the most creative master builders.

The inspiration for the legs of this creation came from the work of dutch artist Theo Jansen.

Let's get down to business.

Step 1: Acquiring Parts

The Taco Tuesday Party Platform was the result of some late night build sessions. In the interest of time, I will not be completely disassembling it in order to create a parts list or step by step instructions. When building creations like this, is most definitely a valuable ally. I was able to order all of the black Technic beams that i needed for my project and then some. If there is overwhelming feedback in favor of a parts list and a step by step build guide I will not say no to making one. That being said, I think the pictures in this Instructable should be enough to get really close.

Step 2: The Legs

The legs consist of black Technic beams held together by black Technic axles. If you want to see something that uses this design on a much larger scale, check this out. The legs are attached to the Party Platform in a zig-zag pattern which will be easier to see in the next step.

Step 3: Leg Structure

As stated in the previous step the legs are attached to the crawler in a zig-zag pattern around a crankshaft. I believe that they are 90 degrees out of phase. Due to the nature of this mechanism, it is important that the structure has as much rigidity as possible. Rigidity is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the crawler's legs. To help with this I added a line of plates running along the underside of the crawler's legs. The superstructure will also help make the Party Platform sturdier. More on that later.

Step 4: Power Plant

Like any machine, the Taco Tuesday Party Platform needs a source of energy to function. This reactor provides that power with ease and can be controlled through this nifty control panel that is located right on the side.

Step 5: Crawler Superstructure

Now that the leg structure is completed, it is time to construct the Party Platform's superstructure. the superstructure is a platform for minions-check that, minifigures to stand upon and just cause mayhem in general. As you can see, there are deck mounted rocket launchers that can be operated by the platform's occupants, as well as machine guns and LASER blasters that can be operated by the pilot or via on-board AI. The crawler has a large-bore cannon mounted on the roof of the cabin. The cabin also has AM/FM Radio, a USB port, air conditioning, surround sound, a taco dispenser, and a cup holder. The Party Platform's reactor is located on the back of the deck. It has a control panel on the side that allows the Platform's occupants to monitor and control the reactor as well as the sound system. There have been some complaints that the reactor is way too exposed for a fighting machine, but really, what could possibly go wrong?

Step 6: Put It All Together!

The Platform is attaches to the legs using the struts from an old-fashioned space station set. The platform adds additional rigidity to the legs and helps them function smoothly. The two gears on the side of the Party Platform allow the user to operate the legs by turning them.

Step 7: Party!

Your Taco Tuesday Party Platform should be complete. Now all an evil mastermind has to do is release a few of these in the middle of Bricksburg and everything will once again be awesome. Thank you for taking the time to check out this Instructable, and please vote for it in the Building Blocks contest

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