Introduction: Tacocado

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So I had this big, beautiful West Indian avocado that was just perfectly ripe. I thought about making an Oil & VInegar Avocado Boat , but I wanted something a little more substantial. We had recently had taco night, and we often chop up some avocado to put on our tacos. But I wondered about doing it the other way around.

The result: a Tacocado!

It's so easy to make it seems

Step 1: Ingredients

Avocado half

Some taco meat - chicken or beef

Shredded Cheese

Tomato Salsa

Optional: hot sauce, sour cream, other toppings

Step 2: Heat the Meat

If you just made it fresh, you're good to go. If you're heating up leftovers, give about a half a cup of your protein of choice a few seconds in the microwave.

Step 3: Load Up Your Avocado

Add your meat to your avocado.

Step 4: Add Cheese

Sprinkle on your cheese.

Step 5: Top With Tomato Salsa & Enjoy!

That's it! Serve with some corn chips and you've got an easy, fun, tasty, hearty and healthy meal!

You could even set up a Tacocado bar for a party, and let folks load up pre-cut avocados with the filling of their choice!


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