Introduction: Take "macro" Pictures Without Macro-optics

 Ever looked at those prises on macro optics? Yes they are high! They are really high! I once thought: Hey that optic is just a focus-lens that focuses on near objects! What if we do enlarge the small objects so that i can photograph them with my  "normal" optics!

These are not "real" macros! These are just "good closeups"! You will get a lot better results with real macro-optics

Step 1: What Will You Need?

 1. Camera
2. Magnifying Glass
3. Something to photograph
4. Tripod (optional)

Step 2: How to Take the Pictures

 When taking the pictures move the magnifying glass in front of the camera lens to get the camera to focus. When it is focused just snap the picture.

You sure will notice that the camera focuses best on near objects when you hold the glass closer to the camera. If you have a large glass you could tape or even glue the glass to the cameras lens hood!

Step 3: Congratulations!

Congratulations! You have just saved at least 400€!!

I hope that this instructable has helped you!