Introduction: Taking the Perfect Picture

Photography may not be as easy as it looks. But in a few easy steps I can show you how to take artsy pictures in a snap!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. A camera is always the best chose to take a good picture, however a phone can also do the job. In fact almost all of my pictures were taken with an iphone
2. Props, such as flowers, or a vintage camera that doesn't work
3. A friend to take photos with
4. A great spot for a photo shoot

Step 2: Step One:

The most important part of the picture is the location. A picture of a grocery store wouldn't have the same impact on the viewer as a old tree.

Step 3: Step Two:

Make sure you take plenty of pictures, even if they are all of the same thing. Sometimes photos can get deleted by accident

Step 4: Step Three:

When taking a photo make sure your subject is in a good position. Have your subject face the sun so your subject does have weird shadows. Also make sure they don't look uncomfortable. Put them in a position that is natural

Step 5: Step Four:

At the end of the day, if pictures are taken on an iphone, add filters. If the photo is very light and hard to see, you might consider a black and white filter. Otherwise the filter chose should be up to you. Sometimes pictures look better normal, it is up to your judgment to decide

Step 6: Step Five:

Make sure your photo is unique, the same things can get boring. A way to do this is to use different angles. If your object is on the table try to get as level with it as possible instead of an overhead view. Another way to make your photo unique is to take pictures of things other won't have thought of, like the inside of a glass bottle.