Introduction: Tamales: Traditional Recipe Honduran

The Tamales or Nacatamales are a Traditional Recipe from much of Latin America, today we share the Traditional Recipe Honduran. This traditional dish is available all year in cafes and restaurants but its peak is at Christmas time, it is accompanied with a cup of coffee and generally made in large quantities because given the time shared with family and friends (notice that they are many ingredients).

Step 1: Ingredients for Approximately 100-150 Tamales:

  1. 10½ pounds of Corn flour (1½ to the Recado or Guiso)
  2. 6 Green Pepper (big)
  3. spices
  4. 15 Big Onions
  5. 2 heads of garlic
  6. Celery
  7. Coriander
  8. Annatto (for Recado)
  9. 5 pounds of vegetable shortening (½ to the recado)
  10. salt
  11. Soy sauce
  12. 3 pounds of rice (semi fried)
  13. 6 pounds of potatoes
  14. Chickpeas, peas, olives, Spend (according to choice)
  15. Chicken (crude) / Pork (medium)
  16. Water
  17. Banana Leaves
  18. Mooring, Pencas of Coyol or Cooking String

Step 2: ​Liquefy And...

Liquefy the green pepper, onions, garlic, celery and coriander, next diluted the corn masa (You can also use corn flour powde) should be slightly thick consistency. Meanwhile you can go by heating the shortening in a large pan, when hot pour the dough fully diluted into the pot and stir constantly so that the mixture does not stick, use a large wooden paddle.

Step 3: Prepare the Masa

Then pour the liquefied and condiments (must be well liquefied without remains) and continuously moving, then add soy sauce to taste, moves well until the room stay incorporated into the mixture continuously adding spices and salt (to your taste) you will see how slowly the mixture thickens when he is ready remove from heat and let cool (you can leave it for the next day).

Step 4: Important Tips

The Recado or Guiso: The procedure is basically the same, the only difference is that you add annatto and should be a little thicker.

The Banana leaves should be clean before use (you can do with a blanket or clean cloth). Once the masa is cool you must knead so that the consistency be homogeneous, you must also have ready the other ingredients: potatoes, rice, Recadoa and the meat, etc.

The Meat: If you use chicken should be crude, and must be seasoned to taste, if you use pork should be cooked to medium term and seasoned to your taste. One of the qualities of this recipe is its versatility if you do not eat meat can also prepare Vegetarian Tamales simply omitting this step (my case and I assure you that are delicious).

Step 5: The Preparation:

Place a banana leaf diagonally into a table, take a ball of dough (to your taste) and expand it adds a tablespoon of Recado and expanding it without exceeding the other mass, then add a spoonful of rice, a small amount of potatoes , chickpeas or peas, raisins, olives, etc. add one or two pieces of meat (if you do not eat meat can skip this step).

Now take the sheet wrapped around the corner and gently pressing slightly so that the mixture is not disarmament, fold the other two corners of a rectangle and tie with; Mooring traditionally used (stalk of the banana plant or Coyol, if you do not succeed can use kitchen string).

Once they are ready all Tamales are placed in a large pot with a third water, are covered with banana leaves enough, let it boil (for this amount 3 hours) and go! Accompany with a cup of hot coffee.

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