Introduction: Tape Glasses DIY

I am making this project because I thought I would be fun.

You can try it if you want to. Note they do not actually work they are just for fun

Step 1: Resources

You don't really need very much for this project

1. Duct tape

2. Clear Packing Tape

3. Scissors

4. Some Thin Wire

5. Pliers(Optional)

Step 2: Frames

For this part you just have to take the wire and bend it however you would like your glasses to look like. Modeled mine off of my actual glasses.

Step 3: Lenses

This part is really easy you just cut 2 strips of the clear tape and put them so that it covers everywhere you want the lenses to be then just cut the tape so that it is fit to te frames

Step 4:

This Step is a little more complicated you just have to cut strips of duct tape and use them to cover all the wire. You could stop here.although there are a few more steps.

Step 5: End 2

This step is basically the same as the last you just have to use strips of duct tape to cover up any rough spots in your project.

Step 6: End 3

Now just cover up any rough spots and cut the tape to fit the glasses. O.K. now your glasses are done.

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