Introduction: Tape-Mâché Jaguar Mask (Aztec)

About: Bernardo Wolfgang Cano, some- what at your service. not to sound unpolite but I am quite busy with several projects at a time thus the cup of tea I'd promise you upon entering my house would be delayed. Anyway…

Step 1: Design and Gather Supplies

Wether it's a Jaguar or any other mask, the basics are the same. For this project I used an Airsoft helmet, a plastic helmet used for paint ball and what not. Why a helmet? This mask is designed as a full headdress, so to speak, it is to cover an entire head. Try to find a helmet that's comfortable and affordable. These are a usually all over thrift stores for $5, of course the price will range. This will save you a TON of time in terms of fitting and size. Choose wisely.

-MODGE-PODGE! Man I love this stuff! It's so useful!
- That paper-like tape. (Shown in the pictures. anything that is strong and won't repel paint AVOID THAT DESK-PLASTIC TAPE, THAT WILL REPEL MOST PAINT!

- NEWS PAPER essentially a good amount of it.

-SPRAY PAINT of your choice.
In this project I used a bright yellow and soft matte brown.

-ACRYLIC PAINT (I used black and vanilla white) (they come in perfect tubes for 90some cents at Walmart, there, I just saved you the trip to an expensive craft store)

-brushes of course, tiny ones are the best.

And last but not least Peasant Feathers. This project shows an Aztec Dance Mask which was used for an Aztec celebration, and in my culture we use many sorts of long feathers but peasant are most common. eBay will save you a pretty penny. Trust me.

And a comfy helmet :)

Step 2: Crumple and Tape It Up!

So once you have envisioned how it's going to look like. Time to get messy. Have a broom in handy because it be a fun mess of newspaper. Rip a few sheets and crumple them to shape. I made shape for the nose bone, jawline, check bone and so on for the jaguar to give it shape. Shape these clumps of newspaper and tape them into shape, like a cocoon. Then tape them onto the helmet, tape them tight to your own accord. Try to crate the shape of the jaguar, or the mask as best to your ability but breaking down the parts into pieces and then putting them together HELPS. After that, lay a few layers of podge podge to rid of stubborn tape and air bubbles.

Step 3: Painting Time!

After you are done, set the mask onto a podium, or holding device. In my case because I can't afford this nifty-shiny stuff I used an old heater that nearly lit my house on fire at one point. (No instructable for that sorry). Set the mask on there and spray paint the yellow coat first! Two coats is plenty. Grab pieces of news paper and with light sprays, rub the brown over top lightly in random spots.

Step 4: Get Nifty With Acrylic!

Paint the rest of area and design the symbols but otherwise try to imitate this if you are doing this project specifically. Though to be honest, if you use your own creativity it will result better. Since you made it, it speaks to your liking. :)

You're almost done!

Step 5: Feathers and Teeth

Teeth can be made with the same method as you made the head. Tape and newspaper. Glue them onto the inner jaw.

Make holes over top for the feathers. Arrange them to your liking.

Step 6: Finished!

TADA! you're done! Now go have some fun!