Introduction: Tatted Lace Panties, Even If You Don't Tat

About: Tatting and other lace making is my passion, but not in traditional way. I love to redesign old patterns and give them modern twist.

This instructable is step by step to make tatted panties. To make them from the beginning to the end you need to have basic to intermediate needle or shuttle tatting skills. But if you have no desire to learn tatting you can make these panties yourself, just stick around.

If you need to learn needle tatting here's a tutorial

These panties and many more of my tatted creations can be found in my Etsy shop

Step 1: Materials

 You will need
-ball of thread in desired color size 10
-tatting needle size 5 (or shuttle)
-satin ribbon: 2x 36", 1x 6" (or custom length for your size)
-flame (candle, match etc)

Step 2: Make Basic Flower

 For this step you will need to tat a flower with this pattern:
R:6ds, p, 6ds, cl, rw
C:6ds, p, 6ds, rw
R:6ds, join to pr. p, 6 ds, cl, rw
C:6ds, p, 6ds, rw
repeat last 2 rows 4 more times, join C to the beginning, hide endings

To see a movie with the entire instruction of this flower please go to

Step 3: Joining Flowers

 Once you finished first flower,make another one, but remember to join first to one chain picot and then to the next chain picot. Refer to the picture.

Step 4: Following the Steps

 Repeat joining flowers. Remember to join to picot that is already sharing the chain (pic). You will join 21 flowers in front part in form of 6x6x6 triangle.

Step 5: Front and Back

 After finishing the large triangle make one more with only 3 flowers for flirty back.

Step 6: Melt Ribbon Endings

 Over any kind of flame melt ribbon endings to prevent fringing. BE CAREFUL!! 

Step 7: Join Front and Back

 Join front and back lace buy sawing the 6" ribbon by hand.

Step 8:

Thread thorough the top loops long ribbon. Repeat this step for the back. Tie the sides to your size and voila, panties ready!

Step 9: If You Don't Tat

If you have no desire to learn tatting you can still have these panties made partialy by yourself. I have in my shop complete kit of 24 flowers and cut to size ribbons with instruction. You can buy it in 3 colors: red, black and white. There is many ways to assemble them, it all depends on your imagination. You can hand saw them together, join with jump rings or tie wit tiny ribbons. Here's an example of jump rings. Enjoy.

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