Introduction: Tattoo Ink Mixer

About: I'm a tattoo artist and former Marine. I like just tinkering with stuff to keep boredom away on my days off.

My coworker was in a motorcycle accident 8 months ago...she is now able to Tattoo again but shaking the ink bottles is painful due to the breaking of her arm and the plates and screws they used to fix her arm. So I thought I could help her out. So here is what I made. Its just a small version of the paint can shaker but it was what was needed.

Step 1: Main Things in Build

Sorry if this seems like a Harbor freight commercial But that is where I found almost every thing I needed...some of the other stuff I got at Ace Hardware.

1. 18 volt cordless jigsaw (I'm sure you use a corded one but I wanted portability for tattoo conventions )

2. Ammo can

3. 8 oz squeeze bottle

4. Metal strapping

5. Magnetic parts holder ( I'm sure you can use something else but I already had it so...)

6. on off switch (I couldn't figure out how to mount the trigger switch that was on the jig saw maybe you can?)

7. inner tube

8. The nuts and bolts you will need

Step 2: Getting Started

The first thing I did was take apart the jigsaw to see what I was working with. figured out what I needed and what I didn't. I was left with what you see in the pictures above. keep the motor part and the battery part and the wiring the rest can go the way of the Dodo!

Step 3: The Case

I took the motor parts and put it in the case to see where I needed holes marked where the plunger would go in and out drilled some holes...The ammo can I was using was plastic so I used a razor to finish the hole for the plunger. I then figured out where I would mount the battery traced it drilled a hole for the wires then did crosshatching with a razor so the epoxy would have something to hold onto . Then mounted the battery to the case. I then drill holes for ventilation for the motor and added a hole to put the heat sink also added a lot of crosshatching so it would stay. then drilled holes for the strapping bolts. epoxied down the motor and tightened the straps

Step 4: The Ink Holder

made the "L" bracket from a bed frame drilled holes as needed had to grind the small side to fit where it would be a blade in the the jigsaw. Took the 8 oz bottle cut the top off between the 6 and 7 oz marks then cut some inner tube 11inches long 1/4 wide except the middle where I left a 1/2 square that gets slit in the middle to go around the bottle top put 2 slits one on each side of the bottle across from each other put the tube ends through these slits from the inside then put the bottle top in the bottle to hold the tops of the ink jars in place. Used 2 small bolts with nuts to attach the inner tube ends and parts holder to the long part of the L bracket.

then used the 2 original screws that would hold the blade and plate then put it on the motor and tightened them pictures are better than words so see above

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