Introduction: The Survival Slingshot

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This slingshot has a fire kit, sewing kit, fishing kit, flashlight, knife and the ability to shoot arrows...

as well as a fish or small game retrieval system and can still be used as a regular slingshot. check out the Mp4 attached below to see it work!

Step 1: The Sewing Kit

start by making the sewing kit. Wrap thread around a match stick, needle and pin. Put this in a straw along with a safety pin heat the ends of the straw and pinch together to seal the ends.

Step 2: The Fishing Kit

Put a split shot in one end of the straw put in fish hooks then put in the other split shot this should seal the ends but if not heat the ends of the straw and pinch to seal.

Step 3: The Fire Kit

Cut the striker off the match book then cut the matches to separate them. bend the striker so it will fit in the straw (striker facing out so the matches won't ignite when you put them in) put matches in the straw as many as will fit I got 5 in mine. Cut the straw at least a fingers width past where the matches end (so the matches wont ignite when you heat the straw for sealing) take a 2 inch piece of straw heat one end of the straw and pinch closed .Take the cotton ball dip in petroleum jelly knead to saturate the cotton take small pieces of the cotton and put it in the straw with a match stick till it's about 1/8 from the end heat the straw end and pinch to seal

Step 4: The Reel

Tie heavy nylon thread to the reel ( mine said 8 pound safe work load) fill the spool then tie a fishing swivel to the end. Zip tie the reel to the stabilizer on the sling shot use a small zip tie to cinch up the ties to tighten the reel down but so it can be moved with a little effort.

Step 5: Flashlight & Knife

I used 2 zip ties on the front of the light to keep it straight and then 1 to zip tie the back end... this will hold it really tight.

Using 2 zip ties I attached the Knife through the belt clip to hold it to the left side of the sling shot handle. The knife will just lift off like it would if it was on a belt.

Step 6: Kits and Para Cord Braces

Using Para cord I made a loop around the wrist bars then weaved the fire, fishing and sewing kits into 3 cobra knots making the wrist brace on the back of the sling shot.

I cut the stoppers off the old brace and used these to keep the Para cords from sliding off the back

Step 7: Arrow Guide

take the tooth brushes and put them together so the bristles just touch place the pen across and mark where it meets each tooth brush and mark below the pen cut each at these marks.

using needle nose pliers hold the tooth brush just above the mark heat at the mark and when it is pliable bend the tooth brush up to a 90 degree angle. repeat with 2nd brush. Put a small amount of hot glue inside the ends of the pen then slide the tooth brushes in so they just touch. I drilled a small pilot hole just below the bristles then widened them to 1/8 inch holes pull Para cord through these holes ( I found this easier by heating the ends of the Para cord and pulling it to a taper to help it through the holes.) tie the cord to one of the sling shot risers then the other making the cord tight. this will hold the arrow in place and is pliable enough not to effect the arrows flight.

The guide can be slid forward out off the way if you just need to use the sling shot without an arrow you can still shoot rocks or bearings

Step 8: Loading and Shooting

I then tied Para cord through the leather sling pouch so it will still open all the way. Place the arrow on the string and pull the knot on the back of the cord to center the arrow. using small zip ties on each side of the arrow you make a knock that will center the arrow for shooting. To shoot put the arrow on the string and place the arrow in the guide grab the knot and draw, release the knot to fire. the arrow I used was just a target arrow I took the tip off and put on a field tip I then drilled a small hole at the bottom of the point that the swivel could be attached to for shooting the line off the reel for retrieving fish or small game but any arrow works fine.

Step 9: Variations

these pictures show another version that used a foldable sling shot. It has two different feature from the other, a take down arrow and a water filter straw ( will do an Instructable some time on how I made the take down arrow)

the folding design make this weapon much more carry able.

there are many more thing you could add or takeaway have fun!

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