Introduction: Quick Butterfly Feeder

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I was outside on my porch and noticed we had a lot more butterflies around
than usual. I also noticed that we had very few flowers from which they could feed. Being the battle-hardened Marine that I am I thought... I should help these guys on their Migration! So here's what I did.

Step 1: Things You Need

I started by getting together the things I needed

1. Small lid (mine is from a pill bottle)

2. Small hole netting (it might be called something else I got it from raiding the wife's material box)

3. Glue stick

4. 2 3X5 cards (mine were yellow but other colors might work?)

5. Lighter

Step 2: Putting It Toghther

I used the lighter to heat up the glue stick then ran it around the lid then put the netting on top, let it cool and then cut off excess material

I then folded the cards in half and drew basic shapes for the "petals" then cut them out. Used the lighter again to heat up the glue stick and put them on overlapping till I made the "flower"

Step 3: Making the "Nectar"

There might be some commercial stuff you can use I just figured Sugar and water will work so I put a spoonful of sugar in a plastic cup added hot water and stirred. It was about the consistency of light syrup. took it outside and poured in the sugar water.

Step 4:

After placing it down I got my first customer in about 30 seconds. I couldn't get a picture of multiple butterflies on it as they were very skittish

Anyway, have fun watching the flutter byes!

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