Introduction: Tattoo Your Laptop

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Want a tattoo?


Me neither.

But a little scoring and colouring will have your laptop sporting a permanent tattoo.

It's easy and it won't hurt a bit... if you're careful.

This will work on plastic but for metal, you might need an engraver... which is sort of like a tattoo machine I suppose.

Step 1: Needful Thingies

You will need:

Felt pens
Cutting implement
Love (not pictured)

Step 2: Draw

I recruited my classmate who can draw to pencil out a curvy tree on the lid of my laptop.

Step 3: Cut

Here we need to slice the lines of the drawing. This will score the plastic such that ink in the next step will have a place to hide.

Careful now.

Step 4: Colour

Colour over your score lines.

Rub off excess ink. The colour will remain in the line.

If you're using a permanent marker, test a little dab somewhere inconspicuous. You want to make sure it will rub off.

Step 5: Whip It Out

Instant permanent tattoo! Mhmm

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