Introduction: Te Prometo Ecuador

I did this project because it helped me understand how to use this application and how I could use it in more things and also with the help of my friends we were able to create incredible forms, in conclusion this class helped us a lot to understand how to use this application and for what other kinds of things I could use it in case I needed it.

Step 1: Find What You Wanted


First I looked for what I wanted to do, I started looking on the internet and I started asking my friends what they had done for me to have an idea of what to do more or less

Step 2: I Started With My Drawing


In this step I already found what I was going to do and I started doing half the world at first it was complicated because I did not understand how to use the application well but with the help of my friends I understood it better and better

Step 3: I Made the Floor and the Rectangle

In this step I made the floor and the long rectangle in the center, at first I got complicated because it moved me everywhere then I concentrated more and I could understand it then I made the floor and a rectangle

Step 4: I Put the Ball

Here in this step it took me about 2 hours to put the circle above because if I put it right on one side of the other it looked crooked and after trying and trying I put it from another angle and finally I could do it

Step 5: I Finished

In this last step I put color to everything and I put "half the world" then I made it collage to be able to do the before and after and that's how I did my work