Introduction: Tea Bag Gift Labels

Here, you'll learn how to make lovely customisable gift labels that are made out of tea bags; perfect for a book lover, china cutlery fan, you name it! You can include any pun or little laugh that your receiver will love ... your creativity is the limit.

Hope they help you!!

Step 1: Get All the Materials!

First things first: Find all the things you need before you create it! You're likely to find all these materials at home.

1. White card

2. Ribbon

3. Tea bags

4. Plastic sheets (you can use a PollyPocket or a lamination sheet as well)

5. A pair of scissors

6. A stapler

7. Felt tips, pens or FineLiners (basically something nice to write with!)

8. A hole puncher

Step 2: Making the Sachet

Put a tea bag on to a plastic sheet and cut out two rectangles (about the same size) slightly bigger than the bag using a pair of scissors (you don't need to measure ... just eyeball it!).

You can use the corner of a PollyPocket or lamination sheet so that you can make your life easier because two sides are already glued together. You basically need to have two rectangles slightly bigger than the bag that will later be put together to make a sachet to fit the tea bag inside.

Step 3: Setting the Tea Bag

Now, tuck the bag inside. As you can see in the picture, we used the corner of a PollyPocket so that two side are already together. It makes things easier and holds the bag in place for one of the next steps.

Step 4:

Take your piece of card and cut out a square, rectangle or whatever you want. Remember to make it smaller than the tea bag, but big enough to clearly write your pun or message on.

Step 5: Making the Message

Choose a nice pun. You can find loads on the internet! We chose one regarding tea for someone who likes dinosaurs: Tea-Rex!

Write your pun on the piece of card you cut out using your FineLiners and pens.

Step 6: Overlapping the Message

Tuck the pun on top of the tea bag inside the plastic packet you made. Make sure to keep it the right way around like your tea bag.

Step 7: Sealing

Now, staple all the sides of the plastic rectangles together so that your tea bag and pun are secure inside. If you used a lamination sheet, you can use an iron machine (or presser; whatever you call them) to seal the sides without using a stapler. That gives a cleaner and neater look and finish!

Step 8: Decorative Strips

Cut out four strips of the white card using your scissors. You can also use colourful card as this will be used as a decoration frame for the sachet. Keep 'em strips at least 1.5 cms wide. Try to make them the same lengths as the sides on your sealed bag.

Step 9: Folding

Now fold your strips in half from side to side, not from top to bottom!!!!!!

Step 10: Framing

Next, take those folded strips and put them on all the sides of the plastic sachet like in the picture above. If they don't match the size of the sachet, cut them using a pair of scissors. Make sure you have a strip for each of the four sides with a matching length.

Step 11: Sealing Everything in

Don't worry, we're nearly at the end now!

Now, staple the strips into place like seen above in the picture. Do this for each side. If you like, you can use double-sided tape on the inside of the strips so that you can just stick them into place instead of using staples.

Step 12: Hole Punching

Use your hole puncher to punch a hole in the centre at the top of your sachet. Make sure that you don't punch into the tea bag or the card with the message on it. That's why you had to make the sachet a bit bigger than the tea bag.

Step 13: The Ribbon

Finally, (yes, we reached the end!) pull a long piece of ribbon through the hole you created. Choose a colour your receiver will like!

Wrap the ribbon around your gift or whatever you are giving. This present would go best with something relaxing like a mug, or a book which lets the person have a nice rest with a sip of tea at the side.

Step 14: We Hope That This DIY Is Helpful!

We hope that this DIY was helpful as it's pretty quick and creative! We hope it brightens the day of anyone you give it to!!! ;)