Introduction: Tea Bag Holder

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A fun and great way to send get well wishes

Step 1:

Start with a piece of double-sided paper measuring 8 1/2” x 12”.

Score on the long side at 1 1/4”, 2 1/2”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 9 1/2” and 10 3/4”, then score on the shorter side at 2 1/2” and 6”.

Step 2:

Cut away the square corners formed by the intersection of the score lines.

Step 3:

With the paper on the wrong side placed horizontally fold the corners towards the first score line, then fold the flaps towards the middle.

Step 4:

On the long side accordion-fold the scored lines creating a W shape.

Step 5:

Affix the upper flaps using a bit of double-sided tape.

Step 6:

Punch 2 holes on top, on each side, and add a ribbon.

Step 7:

Die-cut the unicorn from holographic card and affix it to one side. This will be the front.

Step 8:

Finish by adding a tea bag, a treat and a get well wish.