Introduction: Tea Bread

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Here's a trick to make your regular old white bread recipe really pop: Add tea!
I usually do this in a bread machine, since I can put it on an overnight timer, so the tea has plenty of time to steep. It's good in other bread dough too.

Step 1: Ingredients

Use your regular white bread recipe. If you're using a bread machine, it probably came with a recipe.
Most of these call for:
-Oil (not pictured)
-Water (not pictured)

I add: tea! Some kind of fine bagged tea, ideally one with a lot of flavor. Pumpkin ginger is good, chocolate teas, etc. My favorite is pomegranate black tea.

For proportionality, my recipe uses 4c flour, and I put in 2 bags of tea.

Step 2: Open Tea Packets

Step 3: Pour Tea Into Mixer

Step 4: Add Water

This should be warm-hot water.

Step 5: Add Flour

Step 6: Add Other Ingredients

If your bread is on a delay timer, make sure that the yeast isn't touching anything wet.

Step 7: Put It in the Bread Machine

This picture was taken partway through the bread machine's progress.
With pomegranate black tea, it smells deliciously fruity through the whole process.

Step 8: Mm, Tasty Bread!

Delicious bread when the bread machine beeps!
Slice and enjoy.
A little butter really helps to bring out the tea flavor in the bread.

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